Codrop Collective #182 - Creative resources for web designers

Earlier this week, Codrop has released a volume of collective series that cover over items as following:

Flexbox * WebGLStudio.js * UI Movement * TUTSET * WebBluetooth * Spheres * How DNS Works * Type­set.js

Interesting deal:

For web designer like us, sometimes preparing layout template would cause pain to deal with some situation like: I want this text inside that div to vertically align without using display table and display table-cell, what should I do? Searching the Internet for hours and the problem was still not resolved!!!

Finally, Flexbox that has been recently introduced and start to get hospitality over many major browers come to save your day.

You aligned our container as you wish, manage orienations, flow and flex wrap as the way you see it works!

We would not cover must in detail but these are some playful resources to pay attention to:

Stay tuned

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