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We are not alone in the web design or mobile design market. Many of us that used to browse the Internet in about 15 years ago or 20 years ago, the website is like the online newspaper mashed up with content every where and somehow got you lose in the whole site and navigation.

Today, it is not that 20 years ago, when someone comes across that things, they would say "Arrg! I gotta leave this site now, the look is too old". That is the pain!

Say good bye to those stuff, we are now targetting modern consumers who want something modern and practical, those experience to help deal with those audiences can be gathered by your experience with consumers, surveys, feedbacks, complaints, etc. But you know, we don't have time to waste to make changes until they complain! But how? How could I gather such information in a short time?

The answer is googling it on the Internet, but we would suggest you this site is best when considering your design for GOOD User Interface!

You could gain many good resources such as:

  • Great Design Idea that has been tested
  • A/B Tests Data stories that see how your different designs affect the outcome

Don't waste anytime now! Get your idea GOOD!

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